Enabling Privacy Transactions On The BNB Chain

BTCP is a community-driven cryptocurrency with the goal of offering privacy and a fast way to send money.

Join A Growing Community of 2000+ Bitcoin Private Token Holders

One of the easiest methods to get Bitcoin Private is to use Pancake Swap (v3). You will need to use BNB coin to swap in the liquidity pool for $BTCP. As per our tokenomics information in the FAQ below we have put in 30% of the BTCP into the liquidity pool (Airdrop And Giveaways will be 40%). This offers a fair distribution model world-wide of BTCP on the BSC Chain.

You can see the BTCP verified contract code, transfers and holders on the BSC Scan website. Our token contract is: 0x2Ed8Ca8841714D31768764db2f84C3eaB091D01f (do not send BTCP to this address and always verify you are interacting with the right contract code).

Gecko Terminal

Bitcoin Private Is Digital Money That Is Borderless

You can transfer BTCP across the world in seconds without any third party. Bitcoin Private is an alternative digital money that is fully secure and allows you to be the custodian of your own assets.

Imagine sending BTCP instantly from India to Europe. Or From Africa To The Middle East!

  • BTCP can handle over 100 transactions per second.
  • A transfer of BTCP can confirm and send within 3 seconds.
  • You can send BTCP for just a few pennies on the network

BTCP Is A Platform And Service You Can Trust

So many crypto products develop products or blockchains that are hacked or have holes in them. The BTCP development team has worked for years in the crypto space and have created an application that is secure, and it simple works. We encourage members of the BTCP community leave feedback on our the BTCP Trust Pilot page for our wallet application.

One user says: "The BTCP app is seamless and works so well. It's one of my favorite crypto applications I have used in years. I love that the seed code works with other crypto wallets."

Bitcoin Private Is A Great Alternative To Costly Bitcoin Transfers

Bitcoin is a tremendous asset and store of value (like gold). When you decide to move BTC you will pay a large transfer mining fee ($3-20+ USD). This makes Bitcoin currently impractical for smaller transfers.

By comparison, Bitcoin Private Token (BTCP) is faster, more affordable and adds privacy.

  • A Bitcoin Transfer can take a few minutes to even over 1 hour. (SLOW!!)
  • A transfer of Bitcoin Private Token (BTCP) is only 3 seconds.
  • To transfer BTCP you will only pay a small fee in BNB ($0.03 - $0.15 USD)

Download The Bitcoin Private Chrome Wallet To Enable Private Transactions

You can toggle and choose to send BTCP with our privacy setting that allows for transactions to be shielded giving you an extra layer of privacy and security. BTCP sent with the Chrome application has privacy features but if you send BTCP with Trust Wallet or other mechanisms the transactions are not private.

*Be sure to leave a positive review and feedback in the Chrome store.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. But in a sense this project is seen as a continuation of the old Bitcoin Private (BTCP) project that was completely abandoned by the developers. You can read more about the 2018 hack (link) and what happened on their main chain. As a past holder of BTCP (legacy chain) I know the fustration of a project stopping after such great potential. Our heart is to re-start the idea of re-branded as Bitcoin Private Token (BTCP) starting on the BSC Chain and adding privacy there.

We also have not found contact with any past developers who have completely abandoned (link) the old BTCP community, websites, and exchanges (which have expired).

Depending on the interest and engagement of the community we could consider starting a blockchain (clone of PIVX) that BTCP started with. NOTE: We will not be able to offer swaps from the old BTCP coins of 2020 due to their chain not working and being hard to validate holders.

Our tokenomics model: 30% into liquidity pool on Pancake Swap. 40% Airdrop (Giveaways). 10% Development Team. 20% Future Marketing and Development. Though there is an active development team with the application BTCP overall is decentralized and community-driven.

We have made a system in our BTCP Chrome wallet where you can toggle on or off to send transactions with privacy. This allows for flexibility for different users of BTCP. Our shielding system is not like a mixer or completely anonymous transaction system, it rather mimics how BTC is sent with multiple addresses in a wallet. We just want to offer enough privacy for normal users to feel secure using digtal money. We see ourselves as having found the a better middle ground in privacy on the BSC blockchain.

Our choice to re-launch Bitcoin Private (BTCP) on the BNB Chain was multi-purposed. Firstly, the gas on the network is minimal and allows alot of great development that can be used in real-life situations because of the low overhead of gas cost. Secondly, there is a great thriving community and ecosystem surrounding the BNB Chain so we could build a large community easily. Thirdly, this will allow a test-bed for privacy features with the possibility of going to our own blockchain in the future.

This is a great question. The determining factor of releasing the application in the Chromestore exclusively relates to the fact that 60% of market share of the browsers around the world are Google Chrome. This allows us to reach the largest segement of people with focusing on one platform to develop on. Designing and developing in one exclusive platform also gives us the ability to focus on security, features and updates more readily. We will consider other platforms like Android and IOS in the future. This is also the reasoning for using the BSC Chain as it has one of the largest crypto communities with a working blockchain that is fast and affordable.

Nothing in the Bitcointalk ANN or this website is, or should be relied on as, a promise or representation as to the future. Bitcoin Private Token (BTCP) or any party associated makes no representation regarding the likelihood or probability that any actual or proposed account allocation will in fact achieve a particular investment outcome or goal. (Please realize that crypto-currencies have no value except what people associate with it. Be a wise in ever investing money value into any digital currency).